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Long Island Probate Lawyer

Long Island Probate Lawyer

There is an old saying that “you can’t take it with you when you die.” When you pass away, you’ll have to leave behind all the assets and estate which you’ve toiled for all your life. You may or may not have written a will before going but whatever the case may be, a Long Island Probate Lawyer will help your surviving family settle your estate in Long Island and distribute your assets amongst them in the best possible way. But who is a Long Island Probate Lawyer?

The Long Island Probate Lawyer

Probate Lawyers are specialists in law practice who help the executor of a will (or the administrator in the absence of a will) handle the probate process. The probate process is a legal process of validating a will in a law court before the estate left by the deceased can be distributed among the surviving family members. The Long Island Probate Lawyer is a lawyer in Long Island who will help your family during this probate process, in estate planning, settling of the estate bills and debts, distribution of the estate among the beneficiaries, give advice on powers of attorney, and may even serve as an administrator if the will states so; or in the absence of a valid Will. He can also help you in writing your will and estate planning.

Hiring a Long Island Probate Lawyer in the Presence of A Will

The Probate process is likely to be a smoother ride if the deceased (decedent) left a will before his or her passing away. When someone dies stating an executor and beneficiaries in the will, the executor as well as beneficiaries would need to hire a Probate Lawyer to help them through the probate process. This is quite some complicated and rocky ride, and they need all the legal advice and guidance they could get in order to avoid making silly mistakes and decisions. The probate process is also affected by the state laws, therefore one would need a Long Island Probate Lawyer highly vast in the laws binding Long Island, to offer legal directions as to what is required to be done and what not to do. The reason you’re viewing this page may be that you’re already facing a probate process. Kindly seek and contact a Long Island Probate Lawyer in your area for legal assistance. The Probate Lawyer may also help in reviewing the will to ensure it wasn’t signed under duress. Elderly people who have lost soundness in mind may be influenced by some interested party who want a larger cut from the assets of the estate. The will may also be challenged – contested – by any interested party during the probate process. The Long Island Probate Lawyer would help the executor and beneficiaries in the following ways: • Give advice on how to settle the estate bills and debts; • Appraisal and evaluation of the estate property; • Preparing required documents for the probate process; • Managing the estate’s finances; • Distribution of the estate among beneficiaries; And so much more.

Hiring A Long Island Probate Lawyer In The Absence Of A Will

This is a more complicated process. In the absence of a will or when the will is found invalid by the Surrogate’s court during the probate process, the assets will be shared among the surviving family according to the intestate laws of the state. The intestate laws binding Long Island will differ from that in other places, therefore surviving families should quickly contact a competent Long Island Probate Lawyer knowledgeable in this respect, in order to ensure that their best interest is protected. The lawyer would help oversee that the beneficiaries actually benefit from the estate left by the deceased, but note that even the actions of the lawyer must be bound by the intestate laws of Long Island. For these reasons and more, quickly contact a Long Island Probate Lawyer today to protect your best interests and take you through this tough ride!